My New Look Khao Lak Cooking Class

New shelves at my classroom

I am very excited to announce this news. I have been busy here and completely renovated my Thai Cooking Class here in Khao Lak. My classroom is still by the river but now there’s more room and better facilities.

As the high season drew to a end I started drawing up the plans for my renovations. June is always a very quiet month here in Khao Lak so it was the perfect time to set to work.

Expanding My Cooking Class

I love the cosy feel to my class but I’ve always been aware it can get a little cramped when there is more than four people learning to cook.

So the first task was to expand. This was not such an easy task expanding over the river. The whole balcony area had to be strengthened with extra steel foundations under the floor.

Then I could expand the floor area by over a metre all along the river side. This made everything much more roomy.

The existing and new metal work received a few coats of beige paint and the floor boards a fresh coat of brown paint. So far so good.

Improved Cooking Facilities

With more working area I was now free to improve the working areas at my class.

The biggest improvement I think was custom making a new preparation table. The table is now large enough to comfortably teach six students with plenty of room to chop and prepare Thai ingredients. The table can also be extended to seat eight as sometimes I get larger group bookings.

The table also features cut-outs in the middle to easily collect leftovers for my compost.

In the cooking area I added new shelving so now everything is better organised and much more tidy. With extra seating around the table I made new cushions for extra comfort too.

Reducing My Plastic Use Further

With more floor space I was able to add a small reception area to the class. Here I have set up a new refreshment area featuring two large glass dispensers.

So instead of complimentary water from plastic bottles, guests can now dispense their choice of either ice cold drinking water, made home made roselle juice or my special lemongrass and pandan infusion.

New water and juice dispensers at Riverside.
New water and juice dispensers at Riverside.

Looking Forward To Welcoming You

As the finishing touches to my new classroom, I added extra lighting above the preparation table and some fake grass along the balcony. So with more working space, a larger classroom area, fresh coats of paint and lots of new facilities I am really excited about welcoming guests, old and new to my new swish Khao Lak Thai cooking class here by the river.

Hope you like it but more importantly, hope you will enjoy cooking with me here. Looking forward to the next high season.

In the meantime I now have to renovate my guest house. Hopefully that will turn out as great as my classroom has.

3 thoughts on “My New Look Khao Lak Cooking Class”

  1. Hi i am Birgit and I am interested in cooking class. Will be in khao lak from 9th to 16th of October 2019. Will you have free capacity during this Time for one person? Thanks in advance. Best regards Birgit

  2. Apple your renovations are wonderful and I love the water dispensers! I don’t know when but can’t wait to come back and ask for another vegan cooking class:). Cheers from Rhode Island.

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