Kid Friendly Thai Cooking Classes

Kids enjoying my Thai cooking class

Is My Thai Cooking Class Suitable For Children?

This is a question I get asked a lot and the answer is a simple and honest YES ! Children are more than welcome at my Khao Lak Thai cooking class. It’s a great pleasure to teach children about food. After all that is how I learnt to cook, as a child helping my mother.

If you are travelling with children you have probably noticed how Thai people dote over kids. This is the country where friends are referred to as brothers or sisters, our elders as aunts or uncles. Even with strangers it is common to refer to them as an older or younger sibling.

Family bonds are tight, parents care lovingly for their children and in return, children take care of their parents later in life. If parents fall on hard times and have to travel for work, it is common for an aunt or grandparent to step in and help raise their children.

Without want to digress too far away from the topic of Thai cooking, I am just trying to say it is in a Thais nature to watch over and care for kids and I always try to extend this family feeling during my classes.

Kid preparing spring rolls

Thai Menu Inspired By Kids

Thai cuisine is famous for fragrant curries, spicy and sour soups and a few exotic ingredients. Exactly the type of food you know your kids are going to be wary of. That is why at Riverside I have created menu items suitable for children. Simple, tasty Thai dishes that are also a lot of fun to prepare.

Fried rice is popular with children in Thailand, at Riverside your children can also prepare their own bowls made from banana leaves to serve their creations. My secret recipe spring rolls are popular with adults, my pizza spring rolls are an even bigger hit with kids.

I have design a menu that not only appeals to a child’s palate but also keeps them stimulated and busy as they chop, cut, roll or fold their ingredients. All under my watchful supervision too.

Kid learning to fry Thai food

Thai Cooking Made Fun

I would really like to emphasise that I try to make my Thai cooking classes as much fun as possible for children. But actually I try to make my classes fun for everyone. Young and old alike I love a fun class with lots of chatter, questions and laughter.

Eating is a seriously fun and social activity here in Thailand. Have you eaten yet? is the common way we ask each other how are you? If you have eaten recently you are well, if you haven’t eaten for a while then there is concern whether you are okay or not.

So it is very important to me that everyone enjoys my classes and the food we create, it is just another quality that is in our nature here in Thailand. Fun classes are so rewarding for me and keep me wanting to teach more and more.

Kids enjoying Thai food

Happy Children Make Parents Happy

It is a very rewarding experience for a parent watching their children try and enjoy new experiences. That is possibly one of the reasons you have chosen Thailand as your holiday destination. It is a country packed full of interesting cultural experiences.

I am thrilled when I see a kid inspired at my cooking class and as a parent myself, I know for sure the parents are buzzing too. When teaching children, especially where chopping and cooking is involved I always pay close attention to safety.

Not that any parent switches off from child care, but at Riverside you can relax and enjoy the experience more knowing that I am a mother myself and I have my watchful eye over all the activities your children are participating in.

So why not try at Thai cooking class at Riverside, I can confidently say it is fun for all the family.

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    1st dish you like to learn to cook?

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    1st dish you like to learn to cook?

    2nd dish you like to learn to cook?

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