Eco Friendly Thai Cooking Class

I have tried really hard to set up my Khao Lak Thai cooking class to have a minimum impact on the environment. My personal Eco Khao Lak project.

Reducing Food Waste

Apple tending to her Thai herb garden

Whilst preparing our delicious Thai dishes any peelings, stalks and uncooked vegetable matter goes into my compost bin. The compost is then used in my small Thai herb garden at Riverside Thai cooking class.

Composting unused food is one way I can cut dwon on food waste.

No Single Use Plastic

Apple recycling plastic

Thailand uses a lot of plastic bags, especially at places like markets and convenience stores. During the market tour part of my Thai cooking class it could be easy to accumulate three to four single use plastic bags. Therefore when we head out to source the ingredients for our Thai dishes I always say no to plastic bags.

Thailand still has a long way to go to cut out single use plastic bags but we have to start somewhere.

Support Local Food Producers

Your Thai ccoking class starts at the local market

I enjoy the market tour when teaching my Thai cooking class. Not only do we catch a glimpse of daily market life in Thailand we are also supporting local food producers.

Sourcing our ingredients daily also ensures all our ingredients are fresh and tasty when we come to cook our Thai dishes.

Complimentary drinks

No Plastic Bottles

Drinking water has always been complimentary at my cooking class in Khao Lak but preparing and cooking food in our warm climate can be thirsty work. I was growing concerned how many plastic water bottles we were consuming every class. In June 2019 I started offering my guests complimentary drinks from large glass dispensers. As well as water I thought I would also offer some more authentic Thai refreshments. So now you can choose between water and my home made drinks, roselle juice or my special lemongrass and pandan infusion. You can also learn how I make my roselle juice by clicking here.

Newly Renovated Thai Cooking Classroom

In June 2019 I completely renovated my Thai Cooking Class here in Khao Lak. Now there is more room and much improved cooking facilities. The biggest improvement installing a custom designed preparation table. I can now comfortably teach six students with plenty of room to chop and prepare Thai ingredients. The table can also be extended to seat eight for larger group bookings. The table also features cut-outs in the middle to easily collect left overs for my compost. There’s new shelving in the cooking area so now everything is better organised and much more tidy. With extra seating around the table I made new cushions for extra comfort too. I am really excited to welcome you to my new look Khao Lak Thai cooking class here by the river.


New shelves at my classroom

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    1st dish you like to learn to cook?

    2nd dish you like to learn to cook?

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    1st dish you like to learn to cook?

    2nd dish you like to learn to cook?

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